--- Comment #26 from Tomas Mraz <> ---
(In reply to lo1 from comment #24)
> The developer has been using nonstandard variables such as LNFLAGS (as
> opposed to LDFLAGS) and CCFLAGS (for CFLAGS) etc.  There were other compile
> flags such as CCLFLAGS for compiling library and CCAFLAGS for compiling
> application.
> Would that be OK to keep the naming of those nonstandard variables, while
> I'm making sure that the build includes hardending and optimalization with

Yes, that should not be problem. However please also ensure that LDFLAGS set by
rpm build environment are applied when linking the binaries and library.

> I've fixed all warnings except for the "tss2-devel.x86_64: W: 
> only-non-binary-in-usr-lib".  Can this warning be ignored?

Yes, this can be ignored.

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