--- Comment #28 from gil cattaneo <> ---
A question:
install -p -D -m 755 build/tools/lib/%{pkg_name}-stress.jar
%attr(755, root, root) %{_javadir}/%{pkg_name}-stress.jar

should be

install -p -D -m 644 build/tools/lib/%{pkg_name}-stress.jar

can you use this instruction to install the artifact:

%mvn_package org.apache.cassandra:%{pkg_name}-stress stress
%mvn_artifact org.apache.cassandra:%{pkg_name}-stress:%{version}

%files stress  -f .mfiles-stress
%license LICENSE.txt NOTICE.txt
%attr(755, root, root) %{_bindir}/%{pkg_name}-stress
%attr(755, root, root) %{_bindir}/%{pkg_name}-stressd
%attr(755, root, root) %{_bindir}/%{pkg_name}

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