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> - The package name should follow upstream convention, dde-session-ui
We want to use same prefix ("deepin-") for Deepin desktop environment packages
instead of "dde-". Some projects of deepin use easy to confuse the name, so we
made the above changes.

> - You must validate .desktop file with desktop-file-validate in %check. See 
> - Rpmlint complains that one of your Desktop file is not valid:
dde-session-ui.x86_64: E: invalid-desktopfile
/usr/share/applications/deepin-toggle-desktop.desktop value "Deepin;" for key
"OnlyShowIn" in group "Desktop Entry" contains an unregistered value "Deepin";
values extending the format should start with "X-"
The desktop-file-validate command failed due to "Deepin" key not included the
desktop-file-utils packages. So i submit new bug for this.

> - As I said in other review before, if you're packaging a release version, 
> you must not include the git revision in your %changelog

> - The description must end with a dot, and more detailed one would be nice, 
> to explain what this specific module does.

> - You must run gtk-update-icon-cache in %postun and %posttrans as your 
> package contains icons. See 

> Also, you could use pkgconfig to handle your -devel dependencies.
Fixed, except the deepin-tool-kit, because the upstream decide to split package
to dtkcore and dtkwidget, and them doesn‘t compatible.

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