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Spec URL:
Description: Fritzing is a free software tool to support designers, artists and
hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics. The fritzing-parts
package contains a library of part definitions, including both meta-data and
related graphics.
Fedora Account System Username: logic

Thanks for catching those!

- I've yanked the Group: tag, and I'll pull it from Fritzing itself the next
time I issue an update.
- I've punted entirely on the patches, since as of the next update (which will
follow on the heels of this pretty quickly) those scripts won't even exist
anymore (which was the reason for both patches: fixing hashbang lines, and an
outdated FSF address, to make fedora-review happy). So, I've pulled the
obsolete parts scripts entirely, and both patches.
- I had no idea that URL would work with Github! This is so much better than
the reference trick I was using (which I'm sure I borrowed from an old mailing
list thread at some point), thank you!
- Yanked defattr, will get rid of it in Fritzing itself with the next release

Koji scratch build is at:

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