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--- Comment #33 from Jan Friesse <> ---
I've quickly checked the and
found following issues:

-  warning: bogus date in %changelog: Tue Jan 31 2018 Madison Kelly
<> - 1.0-4  <-- Should be Wed

- capitalize the summary (so for example convert "libknet1 crypto plugins meta
package" ->> "Libknet crypto....", libknet1 openssl support -> "Libknet openssl
support", ...)

- Please try to follow . We need
explicit requires for plugins-all, but they should be properly versioned and
some small comment why we need it would be nice to have.

- Please remove old cruft:

rm -rf %{buildroot}

%defattr(-,root,root,-) in %files

- I know kronosnetd is not going to be distributed right now, but fixing
groupadd as may
be good idea.

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