--- Comment #36 from Jan Friesse <> ---
From my point of view, package is almost ready to pass all the required test,
but there are still few left:

- Please remove %defattr(-,root,root,-) everywhere

- For kronosnetd:
  * Requires(preun): shadow-utils <-- not needed

  * groupadd --force kronosnetadm <-- kronosnetadm should be system account
(and force is not needed), so result should be "groupadd -r kronosnetadm"

  * %systemd_post kronosnetd.service <-- I believe there was small
misunderstanding. So the question is, if you want to keep compatibility with
non-systemd systems (whole spec is written that way), then stanza should look

    %if %{defined _unitdir}
      %systemd_post kronosnetd.service
    /sbin/chkconfig --add kronosnetd
  * Please fix the "%preun -n kronosnetd" section similar way

  * Add %{?systemd_requires} (conditionally)

  * Add postun:
    %postun -n kronosnetd
    %if %{defined _unitdir}
      %systemd_postun kronosnetd.service

- Missing "BuildRequires: systemd" (probably conditional) so something like
  %if %{defined _unitdir} && %{defined buildkronosnetd}
    BuildRequires: systemd

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