--- Comment #15 from Fabio Valentini <> ---
There is one obvious error:

0) The python2-kiwi package isn't installable on rawhide.

This is caused by using python-NAME Requires in the python2 subpackage. You
must use the fully qualified python2-NAME requires, they're all available as
far as I can tell:

BR: python-devel -> python2-devel


python-docopt -> python2-docopt
python-future -> python2-future
python-PyYAML -> python2-pyyaml
python-requests -> python2-requests
python-setuptools -> python2-setuptools
python-six -> python2-six
python-pyxattr -> python2-pyxattr

(Please double-check. You could even switch to using
"python2dist(docopt)"-style dependencies, if you want to be fancy.)

There are some other issues:

1) Can you update the package to the latest version (9.13.9) for the final
review? A koji scratch build of the "final" package would be nice, too - just
to see if it builds correctly on all arches.

2) The kiwi-specific virtual provides look strange. Why not use a format like
kiwi(image:docker)? Additionally, they are unversioned, which rpmlint complains
about. And what is the "Provides: kiwi-schema" for?

3) fedora-review complains about the %defattr(), and claims it's not needed.
Please double-check, since I suspect this is a false positive.

4) Please don't write "%package -n %{name}-cli". Just use "%package cli" (and
%description cli, %files cli, etc.). Same goes for -tools and -pxeboot
subpackages. I suspect this is left-over from the previous "python-kiwi"-named

5) The user and group creation scriptlet in "%pre -n kiwi-pxeboot (-> "%pre
pxeboot", btw) doesn't match the example scriptlet in the Packaging Guidelines.
Please check against [0]. Also, "Requires(pre): shadow-utils" is missing from
"%package pxeboot".

6) The -pxeboot subpackage doesn't install a LICENSE file. Every other
combination pulls in a LICENSE file, as far as I can tell.

7) The file "kiwi/" has "#!/usr/bin/env python" shebang, which is
wrong and must be replaced by "#!/usr/bin/python3" (sic!) and the file marked
as executable, or the shebang should be removed entirely (for both the python2
and python3 version). That file isn't even compatible with python2, so ... I
guess that should be fixed upstream.

8) dracut modules (in "/usr/lib/drac7t/modules.d/99kiwi-lib/*" have bash
shebangs, but aren't marked as executable. Is that correct?

9) The symlinks for "kiwi-ng" and "kiwicompat" don't look like they are created
proplerly. rpmlint complains that they are dangling symlinks.

10) "tools/kversion.c" has the wrong FSF address.

11) There are unowned directories left:

     Note: Directories without known owners:

Add the missing "Requires:" tags to the appropriate packages, or if that
doesn't work, co-own the directories.

12) The "/var/lib/tftpboot" directory and some files are already owned by other
packages (tftp-server and cobbler):

     Note: Dirs in package are owned also by:


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