On Jul 15, 2015, at 17:48 , Boris Epstein <borepst...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Louis (and everybody else),
> This is just an update on the situation.
> I have tried running the code some time ago and then again today, having 
> synchronized it with the latest code version in the devel branch, which was a 
> whole bunch of commits. The symptoms are the same - the services are running 
> but the configurator is not reading them.
> I seriously wonder if it is not the code that is to blame but something in 
> the configuration. But what would it be?

Hi Boris,

I would recommend getting the current development package working before you 
replace it with the code from the git repository.
Only if that works should you move on to checking out the code.

FWIW the latest devel build should work.

Louis Munro
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