I’m experiencing the same issue as Dustin was with PacketFence 6.2.1 and the 
naming of the Null source when using it for authentication.
Even though I’ve created a new source, given it the correct name and 
description and referred to this in Portal Module the name on the portal itself 
when registering a user shows up as “Null authentication”
Any way to change this? It’s not very “user friendly” to have the title of 
authentication page show up as “Null authentication”

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Fra: Dustin Berube [mailto:dustin.ber...@gmail.com]
Sendt: 22. juni 2016 21:52
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Emne: [PacketFence-users] Changing name of Null authentication

Good afternoon,

Is it possible to change the name of the null authentication on the captive 
portal pages (aup, submit, etc.)? I would like to change the name to "Guest 
Access" or something similar. Creating a new null source and changing the 
source for the portal profile didn't work.

I'm running Packetfence Let me know if you need anything further.
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