Jake, my man !

Can you check if you have the β€˜/usr/local/pf/conf/currently-at’ file and what 
is the content ?


Derek Wuelfrath
de...@inverse.ca <mailto:de...@inverse.ca>
> On Oct 13, 2016, at 12:55, Sallee, Jake <jake.sal...@umhb.edu> wrote:
> I need to get to the web configurator ... but I kinda messed up.
> I went through the normal install procedure (Install OS -> install updates -> 
> install PF)
> Here is where I goofed: I rebooted the server because it installed a new 
> kernel.  Now I can't get to the web configurator.
> I tried making sure the packetfence-config and packetfence services are 
> started (they are) but the server is not listening on port 1443.
> The only service that is running is the httpd.admin service (all the other 
> services fail to start) and when I try to start the pf services i get an 
> error starting mysql ... since ... you know ... I haven't set it up yet.
> How do I proceed? 

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