Hi Packetfence Team,

I have a problem with LAN Guest authen via Captive portal.


- I have configure Cisco 2960 switch to for AD user authen with packetfence
with DVLAN per user group it's great work.

- If Guest bring own device to connect with LAN network It hit the captive
portal and hit the catch all rule in NULL authen source and get the
registration role(VLAN2) then guest click submit guest should be get Guest
role (Vlan100) but the error show" Unable to detect network connectivity.
Try restarting your web browser or opening a new tab to see if your access
has been successfully enabled" I had tried to restrat web browser but no
luck then I had tried to reconnect the cable It work now with proper VLAN.

My point is why Guest cannot to get proper vlan immediately?
I think the COA is work.

Best Regards,
Sarayuth Saetung
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