And now, even if Nessus returns no vulns the built in trigger 1200004 does not get self closed.

I give up, after 3 days trying to get a scan system working beyond WMI:

openvas should be installed on the pf box but can't because there is a conflict between a perl wmi library shipped by inverse. Furthermore I think pf requires an old version of openvas which is nowhere to be found
Nessus 5 can't be downloaded anymore from tenable website
Nessus 6 integration is utterly broken

And I'm using the ZEN appliance which, I suppose, has all the pieces in place.

Can someone of the devs provide a tested working combination before I hang myself out of frustration?



Il 10/08/2017 13:51, Cristian Mammoli via PacketFence-users ha scritto:
Hi Akala, the result is the same for the ssl_options. It only tells LWP UserAgent to not verify the hostname. I just wanted to avoid editing something external to packetfence.

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