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Le 2018-03-06 à 11:54, Sergio Rizzi via PacketFence-users a écrit :
 i'm using PF 7.3.0 with active cluster and i have some trouble using CoA deauth.

These are the code changes to make it works (sorry for a non patch-like code):

lib/pf/accounting.pm: on clusters, cache seems not to work

+use pf::cluster;
sub node_accounting_current_sessionid {
    my ($mac) = @_;
    if(my $entry = pf::accounting->cache->get($mac)){
        +if (!$cluster_enabled){
           return $entry->{'Acct-Session-Id'};
Do a : bin/pfcmd cache accounting dump @mac
to see if the cache is correct for the mac address.
    my $query = db_query_execute(ACCOUNTING, $accounting_statements, 'acct_current_sessionid_sql', $mac) || return (0);
    my ($val) = $query->fetchrow_array();
    return ($val);

lib/pf/Switch/Juniper/EX2200.pm: Juniper (and RFC) wants mac addresses delimited by "-", not by ":"

        my $acctsessionid = node_accounting_current_sessionid($mac);

        +my $sburomac = $mac;
        +$sburomac =~ tr/:/-/;
$mac =~ tr/:/-/; is enough.
btw if you can do a Pull request on github it will be really appreciated.

        +$logger->warn("Using mac $sburomac to perform Disconnect-Request for Acct-Session-Id $acctsessionid to NAS-IP-Address $send_disconnect_to");

        # Standard Attributes
        my $attributes_ref = {
            -'Calling-Station-Id' => $mac,
            +'Calling-Station-Id' => $sburomac,
            'Acct-Session-Id' => $acctsessionid,
            'NAS-IP-Address' => $send_disconnect_to,



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