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On 07/03/2018 03:41, Durand fabrice via PacketFence-users wrote:
    if(my $entry = pf::accounting->cache->get($mac)){
        +if (!$cluster_enabled){
           return $entry->{'Acct-Session-Id'};
Do a : bin/pfcmd cache accounting dump @mac
to see if the cache is correct for the mac address.

I didn't check, btw tcpdump shows that pf is always sending the same session id, even if i clear dot1x session on switch.

        +my $sburomac = $mac;
        +$sburomac =~ tr/:/-/;
$mac =~ tr/:/-/; is enough.

I'm afraid $mac is used along somewhere in the code, compromising some other funcions.

btw if you can do a Pull request on github it will be really appreciated.

Ok, i'll do.


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