I need some explanation here. I am simply or I thought, trying to change
some settings in my application so users don't have to manually go to
the perfs application and change it themselves. First I want to change
under pref->connection from Palm Modem US/Canada to Direct Serial.
Second, under pref->Network, I want to change the Service from Aminet to
WindowRAS. I have tried, at least I think I have tried everything under
the sun to try to change these settings. Again, I don't need them
changed globally, i.e. I don't need them set once my application exits.
Anyhow using the functions in Connection Manager isn't enough, there
isn't one to allow me to actually change the setting. All the NetLib*
functions are hard as hell to understand and don't' work (most likely
they do but I can't get them to) so I try to play my last card. I
changed the setting I wanted manually. Then I figured out what databases
were changed.

They were:
Saved Preferences
Unsaved Preferences
Net Prefs

So I made a copy of each of these database with the changes I make from
the pref panel application. Then created a new emulator (so the changed
I made were erased) and wrote an application that restored my version of
the databases. In theory, the changes should have still been there. But
they weren't. Can some one, for the love of GOD, please help or explain
this to me. My company is about to commit me because I am swearing at my
PC now. Does palm not want engineers to do this. Changing these settings
should not drive me to insanity...

Thanks for any hint, help, URL to explain this, ANY F*ing thing.....
Ralph Krausse

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