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> I need some explanation here. I am simply or I thought, trying to change
> some settings in my application so users don't have to manually go to
> the perfs application and change it themselves. First I want to change
> under pref->connection from Palm Modem US/Canada to Direct Serial.
> Second, under pref->Network, I want to change the Service from Aminet to
> WindowRAS.

Ralph, I think I can explain what's going on.

There's two different systems within the Palm OS that need to be configured.
The first is the connection panel. This can be straightforwardly updated
using the Cnc* functions defined by the Connection Manager. According to my
copy of the documentation these were created in the new OS 4.0.

The second system is the network panel. As I understand it there's a network
database that holds a list of services and their configurations, and
possibly other databases as well. Somewhere there is also a database which
stores information about the currently selected network service.

The biggest difficulty is that the network stack is running in the only
other thread on the device. There's no official way of notifying that other
thread that the databases have changed.

Another difficulty is that the network system and its data formats have
changed several times over the last few versions of the Palm OS.

Palm Developer Technical Support once made available the NetServiceAPI, an
/unsupported/ library which gives you the ability to create network
services, modify network services, and set the current active service. I
believe that they no longer make this available because it has not been
updated to support the newest versions of the Palm OS.

Without this library, I don't think there is any way to do what you want.

I suggest that you join the Palm OS Developer Program and get an Advantage
Level Membership. http://www.palmos.com/dev/programs/pdp/index.html Then you
can submit your request to them as a developer support incident. Perhaps
they can provide an updated version of the NetServiceAPI library. If you do
join, please let me know what they say.

Bob Whiteman
Senior Software Engineer
Pico Communications

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