On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 02:22:54PM -0500, Alan Rimm-Kaufman wrote:
> A question on PAR (version 0.76):
> For me, at least, it seems the resulting executable bundle doesn't run
> on WinXP (home and pro both)
> unless one sets the compatibility mode to Win95 on the bundle.

This is known.  I don't have a copy of WinXP, nor a copy of VS.Net,
so I'm somewhat powerless in helping debugging this.

I suspect if you compile PAR itself using VS.Net, it may be able
to run without setting compatbiilty.  Alternatively, maybe something
in static.c is no longer supported by newer libraries.

I may receive a machine with WinXP/VS.Net next Tuesday to play with,
but that's not guaranteed. :-/

> Is there a workaround such that the bundles will run w/o setting this
> flag?  We are not sure how to set this win32 attribute
> programmatically, which hinders our ability to use PAR in an automated
> test-compile-deploy sequence.

Yeah.  If somebody with Win32 programming ability can help (by setting
$DEBUG to 1 in myldr/Makefile.PL and reinstall after nmake clean) to
trace this down, it'd be appreciated.

(Cc'ed to the list, as this is becoming the #1 FAQ/Blocker bug now...)


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