To make it easier for deployment and planning for various ParaView
dependent projects, we are planning to adopt a timely release plan for
ParaView starting with 5.2.

The principles are simple:

1. We will have 2 planned releases per year. One before SC (Oct/Nov)
and another one before ISC (May/June).
2. Unplanned or off-cycle releases may happen between these two
planned releases as needed.

For planned releases, the release cycle will be as follows:

1. When a release is planned, a fixed date will be announced as the
date when the first RCs will be tagged.
2. A no-later-than date will also be announced for the final release
at the same time. Barring exceptional cases, the final release will
happen on or before that date.

With this is mind, here are the planned dates for the upcoming releases.

Codename: SC-16
RC Date: Oct 07, 2016
Final release no later than: Nov 04, 2016

Codename: SciDAC-17
RC Date: Feb 03, 2017
Final release no later than: March 03, 2017

Codename: ISC-17
RC Date: May 01, 2017
Final release no later than: June 09, 2017

We're using codenames, instead of version numbers to not have to
update the milestones if we need to have another unplanned release at
any time.

As you can see, the SciDAC-17 release is one of the off-cycle release
for next year and does not affect the two planned releases codenamed
SC-16 and ISC-17.

For up-to-date information on these, see the

Thoughts? Comments?

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