On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 13:57:58 +0300, Gena Bug via ParaView wrote:
> I'm slightly confused with background color for the screenshots when 
> trying to override palette. If I set Background to a Single color in the 
> Properties tab (gray by default) then nothing can change it -- 
> background will always be gray on the screenshots. If I set Gradient for 
> the Background then:
> 1. current palette: works as expected
> 2. black bg: works
> 3. default bg: don't know what's default but it looks like 1... OK
> 4. gradient bg: like 1.
> 5. gray bg: like 1.
> 6. print bg: it looks like Color 1 is set to white in Background settings
> 7. white bg: same as 6.
> So now there is no way to set white background for the screenshots 
> (previously it was possible when Single Color background was used but 
> not Gradient).

Not sure if you're aware, but there is also the option to write out a
screenshot where the background is transparent using an alpha channel.
It also takes into account translucent geometry. It's under the Advanced
settings in the General tab in Settings (search will also find it).

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