I am using ParaView 5.1.2.

today, what I found with OSPRay is three things.

1) Once OSPRay is enabled, opacity is not applied. is it normal or ParaView bug?

2) I have CFD results of sloshing tank which is moving around. To visualize tank boundary, extrack block filter and generate surface normal filter are applied to the field. Since sloshing tank problem is unsteady, I proceeded the time and found that two tanks are shown: first one is the previous time step one and the other is the current time step one. It looks like ParaView bug.

3) I have found that after OSPRay is enabled with shadow option, ParaView crashes if I turn off shadow option before OSPRay is turned off. this behavior looks like bug.


Seong Mo Yeon
IIHR - Hydroscience & Engineering
College of Engineering, University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242 USA

E-mail : seongmo.y...@gmail.com
Tel :
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