Hello UXD and PatternFly community,

Would love to get your input on when, if ever, multi-column forms are okay.

This sprint the PatternFly team is working on the conceptual design for
multi column forms.  In the case of multi column forms, it’s mostly best
practice to avoid their use. The main problem is that using multiple
columns within forms could cause the potential for users to interpret the
fields inconsistently.

However, there are a couple exceptions that seem to be acceptable.

- The main exception for using multi-column forms that cause the least
amount of confusion were strictly for name and address fields.

- The second exception is when there are two different form choices.  User
must choose to fill out one or the other.  In this case, when the forms
fields are shown next to each other in a multi column format, there is
little confusion as long as the distinction of the two form choices are

Would love to hear your thoughts and input on this topic.  Are there any
other scenarios that are acceptable?  Do you agree with the conclusion?

Thank you!!

*Sarah Jane Cox*
User Interaction Designer
User Experience Design Team

Red Hat, Inc.
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