Yeah that's the other thing with these blindness things. I noted this kinda 
thing with the Plextalk PTR 2. Especially after paying Sweet Watter's site a 
visit. That really made me say oh come on dude seriously? The PTR2 was a missed 
opportunity. They only lifted the card size to 6 gigs and well though they 
clame that it can take type 2 I'm not sure. I mean a lady told me that if the 
R1 hates your CF card, then the 2 would most likely do so as well. So in 2011 I 
visit and look at a Marance PMD 671. This thing like the 
PTR2 took CF cards, was from 2006 and it had USB 2. The PTR still had the 1's 
1.1 USB. What? Then the PMD I notise can take any card pretty much I don't 
recall a limit right now. So I said to my self oh are you kidding me right now? 
Plextalk still wants 895 for the R2? When for the sake of recording you could 
and in 06 could have gotten this thing and it even records in HD? Really? So 
yeah I agree with you about these things being limited. Saddly the PTRs were 
the most limited thus especially the 1 made obsolete when perhaps they still 
could be somewhat relivent. Shame on the plextalk people. Now the Pockets I 
know not much of other than that they are features limited. Also the Streem has 
1 up on them in that they can play more audio formats. I think the Pockets 
still only support the same 3 the PTR2 did. WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbus. Where the 
Victors can on top of this do Flac, N4A and maybe 1 more. I can't remember. So 
yeah and the real piss off especially with the PTR2 was that it's 895 for 
2001/2 tech. I forget now when USB 1.1 came out. But when in 06 I read the 
manual I remember saying to myself Oh are you serious? The thing still has 1.1? 
Come on now. What a missed chance. It should have 2. Also get rid of the dam 
limit on the cards already. The aph book port does better then this. Cause 
there was a new book port at the time too I think. Don't get me wrong by the 
way, just cause I'm agreeing with you I'm not sitting here and hating on the 
Plextalks. No I just say shame on that Japanese company for limiting them so. 
Especially considering that the PTR2 is sgtill on shelves being sold to this 
very day. I wander how people aren't being driven mad with it being so 2006? So 
that's my little rant on my sope box about DAISY players.

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The below is my opinion only and not to be taken in any other way. The Blaze ET 
is not worth the money. Yes, it's a novelty to be able to take a picture of a 
box of cereal and have it OCRd and read, but it's noticeably slow in anything 
you do. The internet radio is very limited due to the database they chose to go 
with. I had one for about 6 months and I was not impressed at all. In fact I 
kept reaching for the Victor Stream instead for mylistening. I was finally able 
to sell it for $350. In my estimation it's worth about $300 USD brand new 
including the extras package. I got the impression they bought some old Android 
phone hardware and  replaced the touch screen with buttons, but it still has a 
very slow processor and likely low memory as well. I thought it would be a 
better device than it turned out to be in reality.


On 9/18/16, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:
> The Victor Reader Stream you meaN/ Its still a current model so yep 
> its sure to be for sale.
> The other machine I've been thinking about and I probably take more 
> seriously than all the others is the Blaze ET I think it is, been a 
> damn good while since I've checked on the progress of this little beauty.
> I remember Hims Inc were having a little trouble with the OCR function 
> but that was quite some time ago and - knowing Hims Inc as I believe I 
> do - I reckon that problem will have been sorted.
> Anyway the ET is the player of all players, even will let you sit back 
> in your favourite armchair and chat on Skype between reading sessions 
> if that's your thing.
> On 18/09/2016 2:02 PM, Hamit Campos wrote:
>> Yeah it is a shame especially considering how dam expensive they are. 
>> Oh and yes it's still being sold even here in the good old US of A. 
>> IRTI has them.
>> I just saw it on their site. I was just brouzing around on there and 
>> saw it.
>> They have it for 300 and something.
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>> Dane Trethowan
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>> Subject: Re: Plextalk Pocket Linio Talking Book Player
>> Pity that you can't get cover or insurance for these things as you 
>> can with mobile phones thus if anything goes wrong the problem can be 
>> attended to or the product replaced.
>> On 18/09/2016 10:08 AM, Andrea Sherry wrote:
>>> Well anything rather than purchase another Stream
>>> Andrea
>>> On 18/09/2016 5:23 AM, Norma A. Boge wrote:
>>>> Andrea, I was asked the same question about the Book port Plus.
>>>> Evidently
>>>> you and I are conjuring some magic or something by obtaining these 
>>>> players that are supposedly discontinued. Hmmmm...
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>>>> From: Pc-audio [] On Behalf Of 
>>>> Andrea Sherry
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>>>> Subject: Re: Plextalk Pocket Linio Talking Book Player
>>>> But that wasn't the question I asked was it?
>>>> On 17/09/2016 8:19 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
>>>>> Hmm, I thought the Plextalk Pocket had been discontinued?
>>>>>> On 17 Sep 2016, at 6:17 PM, Andrea Sherry 
>>>>>> <>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> I have purchased and await delivery of this player.
>>>>>> Is there a list for users of this machine?
>>>>>> Andrea
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