Yes I too have a 14. It's pretty good. As for the P 2 well it's little. It's a 
pocket thing like a DM or the LS 7 was. So it's not gonna have the big fat 
studio sound. I wanted the 100 and do wana work towards getting 1 some day but 
for now it's too much for the money I have. But I would have loved a 100. But 
yes for what it's worth the 14 is very good.
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wow I thought the ls-14 had been discontinued and replaced by the ls-pII which 
I didn't find to be as good in quality as the 14 to my ears though it does 
finally boast a talking clock setting menu yay for that I guess. As always 
we'll enjoy reading of your experiences therein.

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So I have the DM4 and Dm7, soon to be getting the LS14 and Ls100, I use all for 
different recording applications as some models have strengths whilst others 
have weaknesses.
So I’ve named the four models I’ll be using and I’m wondering are their any 
other current Olympus models I should be looking at for any particular reasons?
The portable audio and video recorder market out there seems to be absolutely 
saturated now with all the big names, Marantz, Taskam, Foxtex and Boss just to 
name a few, has anyone had any hands on experience with any other portable 
audio recorders.
And yep, I have the Zoom H6, a wonderful machine indeed.

Those of a positive and enquiring frame of mind will leave the rest of the 
halfwits in this world behind.

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