Couple of points here.

If you don't have devices working simultaneously on your network then its hard to draw comparisons with the Stream, I mean if its the only device you have then you're probably over the moon that the Stream can download anything at all!

As for your super fast network? Well I sincerely hope you didn't just purchase this for the benefit of your Victor Reader Stream because - if you did - then you certainly will require a reality check <smile>., I have download speeds here of around 11.5MB per second and there's absolutely no way the Stream would even take advantage of 10% of that bandwidth capacity.

On 2/05/2017 2:59 AM, Chris Skarstad wrote:
I'll be purchasing one of these very soon, so will be able to report on it when i get it. I have a super-fast connection with Verizon Fios, so downloading books manually and transfering them to the player won't be an issue if the download speeds on the player are as slow as some of you guys say they are. I'm kind of shocked that this is just now coming up, as the new generation stream has been out for some time now. I thought this would've been mentioned sooner, but maybe I skipped over it as I wasn't in the market for one at that time, i'm not sure. I'll certainly let you guys know my experiences.

On 5/1/2017 12:41 PM, Evan Reese wrote:
As to slow downloading of data, I have noticed with ours, and those of some friends, that it doesn't seem to have a great wi-fi transceiver in it. Even when I'm close to my router, it usually says that reception is poor. Other than that, you are right, a lot of functionality in that little package.

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I just bought one of these units and would like to make comment on my

Firstly I think that the unit does a brilliant job for what it is in
most respects.

The sound from the internal speaker is a little muffled however - having
already heard a VR Stream - I was already prepared for this, a bit of an
annoyance one might say so to overcome this I use a small BUniden
hand-held amplified battery speaker I've had for years, cost me $25
about 7 years ago, pity the Stream doesn't have Bluetooth but I guess a
product can't have everythint.

Now I don't know whether this is my unit in particular but I have
noticed that the downloading of data seems to be incredibly slow
compared to other devices I have on my network, I used the "Check for
Updates" function and - according to that - the firmware is up to date,
well at least the data does get downloaded I guess.

There's a hell of a lot of functionality packed into the VR Stream box
and a lot of this - such as the Internet Radio, podcasts and so forth -
I won't bother using - given I already have better solutions for that
sort of thing - but for those who don't the VR Stream provides a great
entry level to the world of Internet Radio and Podcasting.

Getting online with the Vision Australia library was a snap so I
downlaoded a couple of books.

Again, I have other Apps and so forth which I prefer to use myself but
the Stream is convenient for reading, no doubt about that even though I
read all my newspapers these days straight from the web site its good to
know I have a reliable backup.


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