Hi.  I'm assuming you have already recorded the tapes and saved them as Wave
files.  You could have saved them as mp3 when you finished the recording but
as you mentioned cue points, you can't save these as mp3.  However if the
recording process is complete then open the files you want converted.  Now
the Cue points you spoke of  I imagine you have inserted these at points
where you want a new track to begin?  If this be so then you need to split
that file into individual tracks.  When you have done that then you can do a
batch conversion of the individual Wave files into mp3 files.  Gold Wave
will do all of that for you.  Walter.

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    I need to turn wave files of Music recorded with goldwave into mp3
files.  How do I do this?       Of course there is the matter of dealing
with the Q points  in gw, so I hope there is an easier way to work with
these files. .
    Wat I am doing is taking hundreds of cassettes of music, and trying to
put them on mp3 files for eventually playing on sd cards, or cds.  I have
made a number of these at 32 bit wav files.  
    Is there any other program besides gw that will help me do this?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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