Although the effect sounds great initially, it's really not good to do this to 
files. Most I've heard like this actually introduce a fraction of a second 
delay between channels to achieve this effect. If you get a file like this and 
want to fix it, you can just pan one channel to the center while muting the 
other. I've heard the term stereoize to describe what you're hearing, and I try 
to fix this whenever I come across a file like this. If you simply convert one 
of these files to mono without muting one of the channels, then the file has a 
weird sound quality to it because of the channel delay being pressed into one 

On May 15, 2017, at 5:55 PM, Kenny <> wrote:


I'm one who enjoys listening to OTR shows on my Victor Reader Stream 2 on a 
daily basis.

I'm noticing a few of the stations (20th Century Radio for instance) seem to be 
broadcasting their stream in stereo. Very odd for I know that most, if not all 
OTR shows were recorded in momo.

How are they able to get low quality momo files to sound this good?

Would love to know their secret for I have a few mystery Old Time Radio shows 
I'd love to hear in stereo (Lights Out and Inner Sanctum in particular.)

Any ideas?

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