Ah could it be a play on Bob Marley? Get it? Cause the Marley name? Also 1 of his songs was the get together 1. The 1 that says something about let's get together and feel alright.

On 5/18/2017 3:24 AM, Jesse Tregarthen wrote:

I just recently got this new bluetooth speaker and thought I'd quickly rave 
about it. It is made by a company called Marley and is called Get Together. I 
picked it up because it was in my price range. It cost me $180 at a Canadian 
store called Visions Electronics. The guy said it goes for about $209. This is 
in Canadian dollars. I love the sound of it. It has a good amount of bass and 
is very clear. I also like it because it makes a sound when it turns on, turns 
off and connects to a device. I just thought I'd mention it to anybody who's 
looking for a nice bluetooth speaker. Best,
Jesse Tregarthen

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