You can't tell it to raise the volume to a certain level.  You can raise by
fixed percentage values, only and have to try it and check the results.  You
also can't prevent clipping with this program.  It is fairly fast and, with
practice, you can adjust the volume of a folder in one or two tries.

I am looking for a command line version of such a program.  Preferably one
that raises volume to a set level rather than by a set amount.


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Let us know how MP3 Gain and this program compare after you try this one.

On 5/21/2017 9:54 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
> Thanks Kenny.  I have downloaded it and will try it out.  I have been 
> using "mp3gain" until now but will give this one a try.
> Thanks.
> Howard
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> Files.
>> Hello,
>> I was looking for a small Windows program for raising the volume of 
>> some of my OTR MP3 files that were barely audible.
>> Came across the following:
>> This program does a great job at doing exactly what I wanted. In 
>> addition, it allows you to encode the audio file into another format.
>> Completely accessible to JAWS.
>> Very very fast!
>>  You can also batch process an entire folder too.
>> Thought I would share this find with the group.
>> Have a good day!
>> -Kenny

Rich De Steno

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