And that they are.

I've been playing with two new Android phones over the past month or so, the Samsung S8 and the Sony xPeria X-Performance, both of which are superb pieces of technology.

So time to make a decision as to what I'll keep and - to my surprise if you like - I much prefer the xPeria experience what it comes to Android phones.

I acknowledge just how good Samsung phones are and I've now used 3 of them starting with the Note4, then progressing to the S6 and finally the S8 so why do I prefer the Sony xPeria?

The audio is far better and - to me - audio and video is a very important factor when it comes to a Smart Phone.

More Bluetooth standards are supported with the xPeria phone though this probably wont' be a concern to others as it is for me, I have a Sony Personal Music Player which works right out of the box when paired to the xPeria phone using Sony's "LDAC" lossless Bluetooth protocol, of course one can use APTX Lossles Bluetooth which is a common standard but - whatever standard you choose to or are forced to use - the xPeria phone will tell you what standard of Bluetooth you're using and I've not seen any other phone do this.

The volume control of both Bluetooth device and phone are seamlessly integrated with each other thus you don't need to set both controls independently, users of Bluetooth headsets or spekaers would know how first you have to adjust the Bluetooth volume of the Phone - normally to 100% - and then adjust the volume level of the headset or speaker, with xPeria just one volume adjustment needs to be changed.

I love the idea of the Volume notification bar that appears near the top of the screen when the volume up/down key is pressed, here you find all the volume controls for for sounds the phone makes - ring tone, media voluem, notification alert volume and so on - so a simple tap on one of these controls in the notification volume sets focus to the control so you can then decrease/increase the volume for the particular sound with the volume up/down buttons, just swipe the Volume notification bar out of the way when you're finished with it.

I'm using the latest Talkback on the Xperia phone even though it did take me a little while to get up and running, i've documented this well and truly on list.

I've reset the phone several times since and gone through the installation procedure without a hitch thankfully.

Security options are a plenty in the settings and I really like the idea of the fingerprint reader in the "Power" button, that's exactly where a fingerprint reader should be on every phone in my view, just so well thought out.

The dedicated "Two-Step" camera button is a nice touch though I've not made full use of this yet <smile>.

The stereo spekaers on the front of the phone make a huge difference even when listening to Google Talkback.

And to the final point of the Sony xPeria which swayed me, the excellent Backup and Restore facilities offered by default with this phone, the most thorough and precise I've seen in any Android device to date.

I stress again that the above is only my opinion so do your research if you're looking around for a phone, I'd be absolutely happy if I had no choice but to continue using the Samsung Galaxy S8 but I'm even happier with the Sony xPeria.


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