I'm off to demo two Wireless Speaker systems on the weekend and both are from Polk Audio, the Omni S2 and the Omni s6.

The S2 is the portable Wi-Fi player and the S6 is the premium "Stand-alone" offering.

Both these Speaker units have the Play-Fi Wireless Open eco system built-in so that makes them truly flexible and able to play high quality audio such as HD, High res etc.

Being Play-Fi compatible means that these spekaer units can be used as multi room components.

The S2 portable runs on a rechargeable battery and has Bluetooth streaming as well as the aforementioned Play-Fi streaming. The S6 can have Bluetooth added with the addition of a USB Bluetooth adapter, I'm not sure whether this adapter is a specific Polk Audio item or readily available off the shelf so to speak, I hope my questions will be answered on Saturday.

Whilst both the S2 and S6 can obviously join a Wi-Fi network I also know that - again with the help of a USB adapter - the S2 can be wired to a LAN if you'd prefer.

Polk Audio have several devices in the Omni line-up, a Pre-amp, a Soundbar and an adapter that can be connected to an existing system to enable Play-Fi compatibility.

More details next week.


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