Hi. One critical thing about laptops for me is the keyboard -- spacing, 
position of function keys, whether there are two controls and two alt keys, 
etc. So I'd try to get to a local Best Buy to check them out. I would 
definitely go for a solid state drive. I have a SSD on my home computer and 
love it. It's so much faster than the older style drives. I wish my work 
computer had SSDs!!

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It really depends what you want to do with your computer. If you do
more specialised things like making music or need It for a specific
purpose, then a off the shelf laptop would suit your needs just fine.
Again, depends what your needs are in turms If you want a laptop, If
you want to adjust something like making the fans quieter or do you
want more then one hard drive. If you want adjustments, then custom
built could be a better option. I would say that Dell is your best
bet. But Lenovo or HP could also work fine. Hope this helps.


On 6/14/17, Tammy Freitag <ms.sunflowe...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in opinions about laptops.  I want to purchase a new
> laptop and want to hear the opinions of others.  Here are my
> questions:
> 1.  Since I use Jaws which brand of computer would you recommend?
> 2.  Would custom built be better than off the shelf?
> 3.  What would be some of the things to check on when comparing computers?
> 4.  Is solid state drives still the best?
> Thanks so much!
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