I agree 100% with Mary - particularly in her details. There's no substitute
to hands-on checking out a keyboard. 

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I couldn't agree more with John's note. I haven't been laptop shopping in a
long time. The laptops I have seen, definitely including the latest MacBook,
are horrible in terms of their keyboards. Keys run together. Little key
travel. Absence up to alt and to control keys. No spacing across function
keys, unless you have the MacBook Pro which has that stupid Touch Bar. I
don't know what's out there for PC. But I sure wouldn't buy any laptop
unless I could lay hands on it first. There's just too many bad ones out
there that are a pain to use. All in the name of shrinking size and
thickness and the ever present touchscreen.

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> On Jun 14, 2017, at 2:10 PM, JOHN RIEHL <realma...@verizon.net> wrote:
> Hi. One critical thing about laptops for me is the keyboard -- spacing,
position of function keys, whether there are two controls and two alt keys,
etc. So I'd try to get to a local Best Buy to check them out. I would
definitely go for a solid state drive. I have a SSD on my home computer and
love it. It's so much faster than the older style drives. I wish my work
computer had SSDs!!
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> It really depends what you want to do with your computer. If you do
> more specialised things like making music or need It for a specific
> purpose, then a off the shelf laptop would suit your needs just fine.
> Again, depends what your needs are in turms If you want a laptop, If
> you want to adjust something like making the fans quieter or do you
> want more then one hard drive. If you want adjustments, then custom
> built could be a better option. I would say that Dell is your best
> bet. But Lenovo or HP could also work fine. Hope this helps.
> Regards
>> On 6/14/17, Tammy Freitag <ms.sunflowe...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am interested in opinions about laptops.  I want to purchase a new
>> laptop and want to hear the opinions of others.  Here are my
>> questions:
>> 1.  Since I use Jaws which brand of computer would you recommend?
>> 2.  Would custom built be better than off the shelf?
>> 3.  What would be some of the things to check on when comparing
>> 4.  Is solid state drives still the best?
>> Thanks so much!
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