Hi Dave,

Options, preferences, general tab. Tab to general preferences then arrow down 
to delete temporary files on close, and check it.

Barry Chapman

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I've been a happy SoundForge user since 2002.

Recently I had a partial system crash and had to reconfigure and
reinstall the program.

Everything is working fine but for one small but annoying problem.  How
do I get rid of the files with the SFK extension that are saved with the
conclusion of every project?  They are saved along with my final mixes.
I know there was a way to do this but since it literally has been a few
years since I had to reinstall Sound Forge I have forgotten how.  I've
looked through the menus and it isn't obvious.  It is one of those (set
it and forget it) functions.  I set it and forgot it a few years ago.

Can someone on the list fill me in on how to do this??

Deleting those SFK files gets old real fast.


Dave Marthouse

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