Hi John,

Yes, with the fire tv stick, you can access netflix and see categories
of movies, go through lists etc. When I first got the tv stick, sign in
was not accessible. Now it is, according to other blind people; since I
got sighted help for my initial sign in, I haven't had to do that
again, so I can personally verify it. My set up is wifi. I honestly
don't remember how difficult it was to do that sign in, because it was
several months ago, and I've gone through a lot of stuff in my personal
life since then. Now the fire stick has alexa as well as the voiceview
screen reader. I don't use the alexa much, but it is there. I also
can't speak to Pandora accessibility, since I don't use that service.
But netflix is good, better than on the apple tv, because it is better
at announcing the category or row of movie listings you are in.


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