Hi Ray,

The way I do it is:

1. Open the file you wish to append.

2. Select all and copy it to the clipboard with ctrl+a followed by ctrl+c.

3. Open the file you wish to append to. If you get a warning about the first 
file, select no you don't want to save it.

4. Move to the end of the file by pressing the end key.

5. Press ctrl+v to paste from the clipboard.

6. You should be positioned where the append takes place, so you can use your 
arrow keys to move back a little then press the spacebar to play across the 

7. If you need to cut a bit to make it a clean append, you can use the b and n 
keys to mark the section you want to delete. Use the numbers 1 and to to adjust 
the starting point back or forward and the 3 and 4 keys to adjust the end. 
Press f9 to hear what it sounds like across the join.

Barry Chapman

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Have any of you folks played with this and how do you make it happen. I’ve 
opened one file but I see no way to append to the end of that file as the 
tutorial suggests. What am I missing?
Ray T. Mahorney

Ray T. Mahorney

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