Wher might I find this jaws guide?

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> Hello David,
> The way I accomplish this task is by pressing shift-a while the file is
> playing. This stops the file and places the cursor at that place. Then press
> shift-end and that will select to the end of the file. In the new version of
> Audacity, a different command than shift-a is used and you'd have to ask
> somebody who uses that version or consult David Bales's guide on Audacity
> with JAWS. This guide does work when using other screenreaders. Hope this
> helps. Best,
> Jesse
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>> On Sep 24, 2017, at 11:28 AM, David Goldfield
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>> Hello.
>> I am just beginning to learn how to use Audacity to copy some old tape
>> recordings into mp3 format using an NLS C-1 tape player. I have
>> successfully installed the Lame encoder for saving to mp3 format. I'm
>> trying to do something which should be very simple.
>> At times, I have a few extra seconds of audio at the end of a track that I
>> want to delete. What I want to do is to select from the cursor position or
>> from where I stopped playback up to the end of the track and delete that
>> selection. I see several options in the Edit menu under Select which seems
>> to be what I want but they never seem to work. I wind up deleting
>> everything or I select audio in the other direction. Could someone please
>> advise.
>> Also, I am able to monitor what is on the tape while recording. I'm also
>> trying to monitor the tape prior to recording and this doesn't seem to be
>> happening. I'd welcome any advice. I don't need a lot of handholding as I
>> like to think I'm a quick learner.
>> Many thanks.
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