Here's another speaker right up there with the wonderful B&W A5 and a7 speakers.

I've had one of these for around about a year not.

The W9 is bigger than the A7 so you'll need to find a reasonable table for this one though it can be put up against a wall as it has no bass port.

The W9 is driven by 6 drivers, - 2 tweeters, 2 woofers and 2 side firing mid range drivers make up the set -.

emerse yourself in 180 wats RMS of Digital Amp power.

The W9 cannot be connected to the USB port of a computer but it does have a Toslink Digital input, an Analogue Aux-In and can stream from the Play-Fi App so all your radio and music needs should be well and ttruly taken care of.

Here's a recording of the Definitive Technology W9 in full flight made on my Sony PCM-D50 Digital recorder.

The W9 is at the bed head, and I'm standing at the foot of the bed with the recorder, yep gold old fassioned built-in microphones used here folks.

You'll notice that I tweak the levels of the recording slightly at the beginning of the track.


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