As users of field recording equipment will know, the outdoor recording you’re 
making is gravely enhanced by the use of a windscreen.
I’ve found a range of windscreens that actually work incredibly well and they 
won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase.
I’ve bought a couple of Gutman windscreens, one for the Sony PCM-d50 and 
another for the Olympus DM4.
The Gutman windscreens are absolutely wind proof.
My Sony PCM-D50 recorder came with the standard Sony Windscreen option but - 
whilst the Sony looks similar to the Gutman - in that it too feels like a soft 
toy - that’s where any common ground ends, the Sony allows wind through to the 
I found my Gutman Windscreens on eBay and each was around $30 Australian with 
postage included.


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