There's been a Podcast on the Zoom H1 done on Blind Cool Tech, I have the whole archive here so I'll dig about, see if I can find it.

In the meantime - having been a very very happy Zoom H1 user for the last 7 years - I can tell you that the unit is very useable though you need to be aware of a few things before you start recording.

The H1 does have an auto recording level function but recovery time and actual functionality seems to be very poor but there are ways around this.

Use the auto level as a reference point to set your manual recording level to and then start recording in manual level mode.

After the recording is done you can normalise it using your computer.

The recorder has a default sampling rate of 44.1KHZ at 16 bit and normally there would be no need to change this.

One can tell where the sampling rate is set but in order to do this - unless you can read the screen - you need some way of picking up the magnetic fields the processor etc of the recorder, the induction T-Coil of my hearing instruments is just fine for this, other options might be a sensitive phone amplifier.

The H1 has 3 switches on the back, all of which are toggle switches and by default are set to down which is the off position, those switches are low-cut filter, manual/auto recording level and recording format - Wave or MP3 -.

When the recorder is switched on it defaults to the "Standby" mode meaning the unit is ready to record when the "Record/Stop" button is pressed, the button is easily identifiable by its size and the round circle which encloses it on the front of the recorder.

Whilst recording press the "Play" button - a small round button marked with a dot in later H1 models - to mark a position in a recording, press the "Record/stop" button to end a recording and press again to start a new recording, recordings can be manipulated when on your computer with a Sound editor.

During playback recordings can be erased, use the forward/back buttons to move amongst your recordings and press the "Erase" button on the recording you wish to delete - the erase button is slightly indented from the rest of the buttons -.

At this point the display brings up a confirmation dialog and I'm not sure exactly what you do here, I think you press "stop/record" to confirm or any other button to cancel, been a while since I've used the unit.

Anyway good luck and I hope you enjoy your H1 just as much as I've enjoyed mine.

On 11/14/2017 9:25 AM, Aidan wrote:
Does anyone no if Neil did a podcast on this, if so, can you pass it on please?
Probibly the only zoom you can used with comfort?
I did email them before to ask if they can make their recorders
accessible, but they din't even answer me.
I guess no luck there.
I think they not aware of the importance of recording good quality for
us as well.
If they include human speech, they don't have to pay so much extra
costs such as olympus does with the dm7 since it uses tts.
And maybe a staff member will do it for free? who noes?


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