Hi all,

I just spawned a rather bombastic project, called OSCPlayer. The
complete description is on 


Here's the short version:


During the Radio1:1 (htp://www.radioeinszueins.de) experiment, Berlin,
June to August 2006, our team decided to build a broadcasting system
that would cover our special needs. 

As a programmer, the mayor difficulty I had to face was the lack of a
player that could be controlled remotely through a standard protocol. I
finally settled for writing plug-ins for the Icecast streaming server.

While this worked as a temporary solution, it was apparent right from
the start that we were missing a central component: a player that would
take commands from a scheduler, do crossfades, switch to a life stream
or streams from external sources, blend in the station jingle, do
dynamic range compression, and then pipe the output to Icecast. 

While Puredata is not the obvious choice for building such a player,
such an implementation can be an excellent prototype as well as a
reference, and IMHO an interesting experiment.


WOW am I going to bother you with questions during the next couple of
months. Any kind of input much appreciated.


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