> Here's my proposal: horizontal connections should only be used when the upper 
> object has only one outlet, and the lower object has only one inlet.  
> Otherwise there will be always be ambiguity.
> With your example of all outlets pointing to the same inlet, there is still 
> ambiguity as to whether or not all the outlets are actually connected.  
> That's fine if your patching style is to connect them first, and only line 
> them up after.  But if someone is debugs a patch they made that includes your 
> abstraction, they would have to click and move objects to be certain all the 
> objects are actually connected.

There is one way to be a little less conservative, but it requires a
usage agreement:  if a horizontal connection travels from left to
right, it must come from the right-most outlet of the upper object and
must connect to the left-most inlet of the lower object.  Reverse if
the connection travels from right to left.  The problem is there's no
good way to tell if a patch adheres to the agreement.


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