Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

So a library like 'audiomath' would then have audiomath/libaudiomath.pd_linux. Normally, audiomath/libaudiomath.pd_linux would only include shared code, but for this case, it would also include the >~ class, etc.

i guess you meant to name it either "audiomath/libaudiomath.so" (or .dll or .dylib) or "audiomath/audiomath.pd_linux".

the latter is btw, similar to what zexy and/or Gem suggest "upstream" (that is: from my side; not to be confused with any packagers' versions):: zexy/zexy.pd_linux holds shared code (e.g. [>~]) and signle-file-object live side-by-side to it, e.g. rad2deg.pd;

i admit that currently all C-code is considered "shared" (that is: there is no "list2symbol.pd_linux"), but once you start blurring the two worlds it get's blurry anyhow (and "l2s" and "list2symbol" share about 100% of their code anyhow)

having said all that, i think it is a good idea: i would like to be able (e.g. in Pd-extended) to "load" Gem (without modifying the path!) and it should find Gem/Gem.pd_linux and add Gem/ to it's search paths (for abstractions and single-file externals) i would also like to have Pd's loading mechanism modified so that it _temporarily_ adds Gem/ to the dylib-searchpath, so one could ship a library with external dependencies (without having to link them statically)


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