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On Sun, 5 Apr 2009, Martin Peach wrote:

The shell's [] (/usr/bin/test) also has -gt,-lt,-ge,-le,-eq,-ne, which it uses for numeric comparisons, whereas it uses >,<,>=,<=,==,!= for string comparisons. It also needs both by design.
Oh I see. But that notation is only standard in shell languages

also at least one assembly language:

While it's true 68000 was one of the easiest to learn, assembly language is notoriously obscure. (like anl, orl, jc from 8051) And proprietary concerns meant that every processor had a different mnemonic set, so standardization was out the window from the beginning. Pd is a higher level language that trades off efficiency for a more human interface. Naming things for ease of typing is not usually consistent with naming things according to what they do.


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