2016-09-18 4:43 GMT-03:00 Ivica Bukvic <i...@vt.edu>:

> Instead of outright removing the feature for all platforms when it works
> on 2 out of 3 them, you could disable building it on Windows as it is very
> much useful on other platforms that support POSIX threads.
In practice it still has it for the other platforms, cause deken still
carries the previous packages. I agree though that it'd be better to just
disable it for windows in the code, cause then the same package version
could be updated for all platforms in deken, keeping them in sync with the
same build version - and update the help file to say this was removed for
the windows version because of a bug.

> a fix, while it is likely more time-consuming than deleting the code, in
> this case should not be that much harder to do.
Well, as many may know, me derek and matt have been working on our cyclone
repo (though there's nothing released so far) and we're up for fixing this
for windows. We might need help though.

2016-09-18 9:02 GMT-03:00 Marco Matteo Markidis <mm.marki...@gmail.com>:

> IMHO, thread functionality is one of the milestone of [coll]
> implementation. Please, don't trash it.

I also think it is important to keep it for this reason, but there's still
another one. Pd-L2ork and Purr Data have this version of the object and I
believe the plan is to keep it (fix it) and make it available for windows
distributions with Purr Data. So it's nice and reasonable that the cyclone
also has it.

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