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> This would keep box sizes of Pd <= 0.47:
> "7 12" on Linux and Mac 
> "7 13" on Windows 

This is more likely related to platform margins and with the newer version of 
Tk, the metrics might be slightly different. Also, the zoom font sizing change 
may have lead to this as well.

The Pd extended styling adjusted the margins in slightly different ways to 
account for this and I've started a PR start experiment with porting over these 
tweaks: https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/162 
> If this can't be adjusted, it would be good to know if the _new_ box
> sizes will be the canonical sizes.

Was there a canonical size before? We don't even have the same font on all 
platforms yet. I wouldn't plan on pixel perfect sizing yet...

It's way more than changing just the numbers in pd-gui.tcl and making 
per-platform metric numbers is probably a hack at best and headache at worst. 
In either case, IMO it's a lot of work and testing and thus may not happen 
*right now*.

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