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> what is the "Forget all...." for preferences supposed to do? Reset Pd to
> first install state?

You're only half right.

There are *two* preferences:

* core preferences: paths, libs, audio devs, startup flags
* GUI-only preferences

Forget all... clears the core preferences only.

> If so I would assume when I "forget all" I would get
> the "Would you like to create a folder in ~/Documents/Pd?" dialog but
> instead if I "Forget all..." and $ rm ~/Documents/Pd I get:
> Pd documents directory cannot be found:
> /Users/megrimm/Documents/Pd
> Choose a new location?

Your assumption is wrong. You did not clear the GUI preferences and the 
pd_docsdir plugin checks if the previous path exists. In your case it does not 
so it falls back by letting you know it doesn't exist and let's you choose/make 
a new one.

> Should it not just reset to initial  "Would you like to create a folder in
> ~/Documents/Pd?" ?

No, because, again, the docspath is still set in the GUI preferences. If you 
want to do a full purge, you need to clear the GUI preferences as well. On 
macOS, use:

    defaults delete org.puredata.pd.pd-gui

Sorry if this sounds like "You're doing it wrong" but this release now has this 
split preferences system and I used the GUI prefs for the docspath as it's 
really a GUI-only setting.

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