I was recently having similar problems with an Open Source telnet program. 
The Windows headers have changed between egcs 1.1.2 and gcc 2.95.  They are
now supposed to be closer to the Win32 standard.  Defines like
Windows32\defines.h file and don't seem to have made it to the new Windows
headers.  You can temporarily copy these defines as they were in your egcs
distribution.  I mentioned that some of them were missing on the mingw32
mailing list and I think they'll try to get some of this resolved in the
next release.

I highly recommend the mingw32 mailing ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) list 
at egroups (www.egroups.com).  I had some useful help in getting telnet to
compile from one of the members.  Also, people involved with maintaining
mingw32 are on this list, so if you have a problem, they can fix it in the
next version or help you find work arounds.

I haven't got around to recompiling the pdcurses library for gcc 2.95. 
Looks like I'll need to do this in the future though.  Will post here and on
the mingw32 list with the results on that when I have any.  Just haven't had
a lot of time to get to it yet.  I did have to remove the #if defined
(__MINGW32__) lines in pdckbd.c and use the else part of the code to compile
with egcs 1.1.2.  I also keep running into a clash between declarations of
the routine beep when I use certain mingw32 headers with pdcurses.  If I
can't go without removing either include file in my source file and I really
get stuck, I'll go in the curses.h file and comment out the beep declaration
to get programs to compile.

Laura Michaels

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