Hello all,

I compiled and linked pdcurses with BCC 3.1 under dos and wrote a
simple HELLO application just to test if it will work on a symbol
handheld computer (a NEC v25 microprocessor based DrDos operating
system with a monochorome LCD display(20x8)computer with a build-in barcode
scanner mainly used for sales force applications) but it did not work.

On symbol, I can use all the stdio functions of Ansi C and
if I close the directvideo option of the compiler,
can also use conio functions but why pdcurses does not work?
My code is something like:

win = initscr();

Sorry if I wrote the function names wrong. My source is on another
computer. After the refresh, the screen goes blank and I see
nothing until I type the "cls" dos command.

Any suggestions? I am new to curses and pdcurses libraries and all I
want is a portable TUI library that I can freely use and pdcurses
seems to be the right choice but only if I can step over this problem?

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