Hi there.

I'm a newbie to pdcurses programming, so please forgive if I'm asking 
newbie questions. 

My setup is:
machine 1:
winnt4.0svp6 with telnetserver
machine 2:
ntbox with devstudio6, pdcurses 2.4

If I'm running my pdcurses program locally on machine 2, all is running 
well, all screen outputs are as expected. Screen output is only done by 
calls to pdcurses...

If I'm copying my program to telnetserver, trying to start it via 
telnetsession, no output at all is done, but initscr is reporting:

LINES value must be >= 2 and <= 0: got 25 

When I tried a little bit around further, it seems that there are a problem 
in pdcscrn.c with 
GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConOut, &csbi);
GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConOut, &orig_scr);
reporting wrong screensizes while program is running in telnetsession.

What I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any help,
Wolf Snyder

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