I have following problem using PD-Curses (2.4 and 2.5) under
Windows NT SP6a:

If I start a program using PD-Curses from DOS-Box with the
start command, any output will be frozen if I click to the new
created curses window. Only with a keypress the output is 
restarted again. This behaviour is the same for the 
example programs and own ones.
You can reproduce the problem with the example firework.
Try "start firework" in a DOS-Box and klick with the mouse in
the new opened firework window. The output will stop immediately.

How can get around this problem?
I would be pleased for any suggestions.

Guido Classen

Weiss-Electronic GmbH
Niederkircher Straße 16
D-54294 Trier / Germany

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